Move Confirmation Scrapped Quantity Management


(for pictures see PDF attachment)

Login: GardenAdmin/GardenAdmin
Role: Admin
Client: GardenWorld
Organization: Fertilizer
Warehouse: Fertilizer
...Picture 1...

Create a new Product (Product 001)
...Picture 2...

Create Physical Inventory
Warehouse: Fertilizer
Locator: Fertilizer
Quantity: 100
...Picture 3...

Save and Complete

Create new Document Type (check in transit) as a copy of Material Movement. Then Cache Reset.

Generate "Inventory Move" (from Locator Fertilizer to Locator Furniture) for Product 001 - Quantity 20.
...Picture 4...

Then complete document. The document become “In progress” and require a confirmation (Open: Move Confirm - 10000000)
...Picture 5...

Logout. Login as Organization/Locator “Furniture”.
Go to “Move Confirmation” and set:

  • Confirmed Quantity: 17

  • Scrapped Quantity: 3

  • Difference: 0
    ...Picture 6...

Save and Complete.

The system generates a Phys. Inventory 10000001. Logout and Login as Organization/Locator Fertilizer. Complete Inventory Move.
...Picture 7...
Now we have:

  • Warehouse Fertilizer 83

  • Warehouse Furniture 17

In Inventory Move we have to complete “Move Confirm 10000000” of 3 scrapped quantity.
...Picture 8...

Complete. Now we have...

  • Fertilizer 83

  • Furniture 14
    ...Picture 9...

This information seems wrong. The expected outcome is

  • Fertilizer: 80

  • Furniture: 17

PS: if in “Move Confirmation” we set confirmed quantity 20
scrapped quantity 3 no Phys.Inventory is created for scrapped quantity.




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