Move Confirmation Scrapped Quantity Management


(for pictures see PDF attachment)

Login: GardenAdmin/GardenAdmin
Role: Admin
Client: GardenWorld
Organization: Fertilizer
Warehouse: Fertilizer
...Picture 1...

Create a new Product (Product 001)
...Picture 2...

Create Physical Inventory
Warehouse: Fertilizer
Locator: Fertilizer
Quantity: 100
...Picture 3...

Save and Complete

Create new Document Type (check in transit) as a copy of Material Movement. Then Cache Reset.

Generate "Inventory Move" (from Locator Fertilizer to Locator Furniture) for Product 001 - Quantity 20.
...Picture 4...

Then complete document. The document become “In progress” and require a confirmation (Open: Move Confirm - 10000000)
...Picture 5...

Logout. Login as Organization/Locator “Furniture”.
Go to “Move Confirmation” and set:

  • Confirmed Quantity: 17

  • Scrapped Quantity: 3

  • Difference: 0
    ...Picture 6...

Save and Complete.

The system generates a Phys. Inventory 10000001. Logout and Login as Organization/Locator Fertilizer. Complete Inventory Move.
...Picture 7...
Now we have:

  • Warehouse Fertilizer 83

  • Warehouse Furniture 17

In Inventory Move we have to complete “Move Confirm 10000000” of 3 scrapped quantity.
...Picture 8...

Complete. Now we have...

  • Fertilizer 83

  • Furniture 14
    ...Picture 9...

This information seems wrong. The expected outcome is

  • Fertilizer: 80

  • Furniture: 17

PS: if in “Move Confirmation” we set confirmed quantity 20
scrapped quantity 3 no Phys.Inventory is created for scrapped quantity.


August 26, 2014, 9:23 AM

Commited the changes and attached the testcase document.


Deepak Pansheriya
August 14, 2014, 7:44 AM

Please find attached patch for solution.(ADEMPIERE-186.patch)

August 12, 2014, 6:37 AM

tested 14 Aug 2014 in 380 .. process gives wrong inventory info.
Do an an inventory move with 'in transit' ticked. for qty =20
Do the confirmation with 20 moved and 3 scrapped.
A physical inventory is created but seems to have the '3' in wrong fields (query whether we should be looking at it with the 'Internal Use inventory window)
After all complete
confirm said target qty 20, confirmed qty 17, scrapped qty 3
Product info showed source locator 83 (should be 80). Destination Locator 14 (should be 17) ..




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